Mudhugger front and rear guards

Lots of mudguards are available for mountain bikes but these days when most riders have or aspire to have a dropper seat post a lot of the designs just don't work as they attach around the post with a big clamp that would hinder the dropping function. So i needed to look for something that fitted in a different way and I came across The Mudhugger

The rear fits to the rear stays of your frame via zip ties and it's a good idea to use the clear tape supplied in the box to protect your paint work as a little grit underneath will wear the surface over time. once positioned it's basically fit and forget. It doesn't flap around, it's completely silent and doesn't move out of line like the post mounted ones always seem to just when you need their protection.. It's wide enough to completely cover a large tyre. (I'm running the largest nobby nic 29er you can get)  I've not tried it but i think it'd cover one of the new 29+ tyres too.

The front guard fits again with zipties to the fork legs and arch (or in my case the crown of my rigid forks) and goes a long way to stopping the mud that is thrown forward from the tyre and back into your face.

Both guards can be fitted with "extenders" if you feel there isn't enough coverage. I found them both fine as standard. These aren't like road bike guards though, so if you are expecting to get no mud on you at all then you'll be disappointed as of course they only cover half the wheel, and mud will find its way onto the seat tube of your bike, BUT having a dry backside is so much preferable and comfortable than muddy legs, there is nothing worse than riding for hours with wet shorts!
the proof though is in the pudding  though and after a two hour ride in the tail end of hurricane Bertha my shorts looked like this
so with versions for full suspension bikes available too, I can't recommend these guards enough, get a set for the winter (and summer as I'm writing this) and i guarantee your rides will be much much drier!

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