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Holistic energy bars

I’m a bit of a sceptic when it comes to new age medicine and all that it promises but I like to think I give a balanced view to every thing so you need to try things out. This doesn’t mean I’m about to buy a crystal, join a “hugging” group or undergo hot stone therapy but if the thing to test is food based and potentially replaces all the refined rubbish in modern food with wholesome ingredients then I’m all for giving it a go.
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Annie, the Holistic Manicurist is a person who wholeheartedly endorses a healthy lifestyle and it’s she who came up with a recipie for an energy bar. I've tried almost all the commercially available bars which claim to boost your energy, performance and recovery etc and at the highest level of competition I can see this working but for us mere mortals who just want the energy to keep up with your mates and finish the days ride it's more about the taste than anything else. If it tastes good you are more inclined to eat it, if it doesn't you keep putting off your fuel intake until it's too late and you suffer the dreaded "bonk" losing all energy.
Annie's recipie uses dates, fruit, seeds, nuts and ethically sourced ingredients and the taste and texture are spot on. Some bars (especially in cold temps) take more energy to chew than they actually contain. These bars are just right, they are solid enough to survive in a back pack of back pocket with out disintegrating but very pleasant to chew even on the move. the texture for me is reminiscent of the inner part of a fig roll and very palateable.
The only downside is of course that you will have to find time to make the bars as they are not available in shops, you could make a batch and freeze them and get some out of the freezer the night before your ride, also  I'm sure Annie can advise you on sourcing the ingredients, find her on twitter here @theholisticmani and the recipe can be found here
there are no lists of energy benefits or absorption rates etc but who cares thay taste great and when you are tired palatability is the main thing and these bars really excel at that. thoroughly recommended.

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