Fibrax spiral frame protectors

The guys at Fibrax are well known for their brake pads, cables and outers but I spotted these things at a 24hr race they were supporting. Ellis a really cool guy who works for the company let me have a few to try.
they are quite squidgy to touch but are very easy to twist around a cable and not too sticky to reposition to the right place. Once sited though they stay put. Even though they are rubber like they don't squeak and seem to be doing an excellent job of not damaging the paint on my bike.
a simple idea that works brilliantly, I've since ordered more to use on all my bikes.

they come in a number of colours to match or contrast to you bike. if you are that way inclined you might want to know they are made from the same stuff they make sex toys from (a product of a Fibrax sister company). this is why you can't get a blue one, I mean who wants a blue dildo?!
so buy, mount and forget resting assured your paint is safe from harm.

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